How To Avoid Burnout While Planning Your Next Event (Life Coach Edition)

If you're a life coach, you know how difficult it can be for your clients to design attainable goals. They make big plans and then fail to achieve them. They know what they want, but spin their wheels trying to achieve their goals. Just think for a second, have you ever met someone who has either come to you for help or even asked a few deep meaningful questions but never engaged with your paid services? I could continue to go on and on about the countless hours we've spent trying to help people who do not know exactly how to help themselves, they come to us for help but somehow they've convinced themselves they don't really need a "Professional", cause it's D.I.Y. season! But the people who worry me most are people who need a particular service yet, haven't discovered the facet to prioritize said service provider (we'll save this for another time).

Trust me, I get it and can definitely relate. Avoid burnout and hire Lily-Mae Events to plan your next event whether it's a large function or intimate group. Avoid spinning your wheels trying to do it all! As entrepreneurs (solopreneurs) and business owners, we wear ourselves out beyond our call of duty. Next thing you know we're napping in between meetings or hiding for the next few weeks to recuperate.

Lily-Mae Events will take care of all the big and the little details so you can instruct your clients about the art of setting and conquering goals. You'll be able to offer your full stress-free self; knowing your event will happen exactly as you envision. 

Just as you teach your tribe about setting life goals.... We're here to help you accomplish your event goals. We're here getting it done for you in a huge number of ways (like freeing up your mind-space). We exist to help you connect more with your clients. So you can teach them tactics to manage their time. Your clients will look to your expertise as they pursue their big dreams just as we're here to help you reach beyond your dreams. There are dozens of ways to leverage our expertise... So sit back, sip your green juice and #slay onward and upward! 

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Those who regularly host more events become known as the go-to experts.
— Lily-Mae Events


Your name will come up first in discussions about making things happen. And the best part? This process results in minimal stress for you #priceless. We're confident our planning experts work in your best interest with your brand as our focal point. First, we create a plan based on your vision. You approve it, invite your attendees or leave it to us; we make it happen. Suddenly, your own personal "getting it done-for-you" event planner becomes your hidden advantage. Contact us now and see for yourself.