We are beyond thankful . . .

Beyond thankful for all the support and professionalism from Lily-Mae Events. Wish we'd hired them from the beginning instead of doing it all ourselves just to save a few bucks. Ended up costing more and rushing to do things last minute. Lily-Mae Events saved the last couple weeks after we hired them for day of coordinator. Minus regrets of our own faults, we are happy with our decision. Theresa sent us an anniversary gift which was more than we expected. 

Estefany, 5/18/18

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A breathless wedding ceremony . . .

I don't know where to begin. Naturally I'm super Type A about everything. We had a classic California Wine Country wedding that Theresa totally planned and styled since I work full time and my hubby's a graduate student. We cannot emphasize our appreciation. Theresa coordinated the hotels and transportation for all our guests, went out of her way to alleviate everyone's nerves from family drama, handled all communications between vendors and so much more.  My husband and I had such a fun time on our wedding day, we could not have without her guidance. I can't wait to hire Theresa when we have a baby shower or future baby's first birthday! :) Coming from a picky Bride!! LOL

Review by Parnia A. FROM SONOMA, CA ON 12/23/2017

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"Thank you a million times over . . ."

I am really happy to write this review. We cannot express how much we enjoyed our day even though we eloped! Every little detail was provided by the Lily-Mae team including the witnesses and gracious officiant. They setup our luxury vacation ranch, the surprise proposal with my husband, coordinated our wedding, the documents and our honeymoon! The most romantic experience of my life! Thank you a million times over to everyone who contributed.

 Jasmine,  10/20/17

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Community Event

Lily-Mae Events has been a partner of ours over the past few years. They've always provided excellent services delivering above and beyond while asserting white labeling discretion with our events. This year, we did something different and hired multiple planners. Lily-Mae Events. oversaw our VIP guests experience. Theresa and her team provided a professional and fun atmosphere. They worked great with the other planners we hired. Lily-Mae Events set up private access for VIP guests and arranged staging for our live bands. I highly recommend hiring them for your event needs.

Review by John O. FROM FRESNO, CA ON 10/21/2017

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". . . made sure all the little details were taken care of."

Plain and simple, we love Theresa. We had to decide whether or not quality was a priority. Without a doubt there is no higher price than that. Theresa and her team treated us fairly, bent over backwards and made sure all the little details were taken care of.

 Faye,  6/25/17

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Along came success

We hosted our first annual 4 day spiritual retreat and I must say it turned out better than anticipated. Our direction was so fixed but the Lily-Mae team pulled us up and along to success. All and all we had over a 1500 turnout. We're pretty excited so many supporters came to our festivities. Not sure about next year either but we do know Lily-Mae will be handling our events from now until the end of time.

 Toby, Event Date: 01/05/2017

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Corporate EventNicole
The perfect Quinceanera

My daughter's Quinceañera was cancelled by another planner. We had to hurry and find somebody to do it goo in the time frame we had. A lot of family couldn't make it. I met another planner on wedding wire who said they never planned a Quinceañera but they knew somebody who could help us. That's how we found Miss Teresa, our Angel. With just a 45 days notice she picked up the pieces and planned everything. We are so grateful. Ended up with our family in Mexico at Las Ventanas al Paraiso so beautiful and amazing place. Miss Teresa how you treated my family can never be replaced.

Anne, Event Date: 11/27/2016

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"Forever grateful . . ."

If I can give more praise for Lily-Mae Events out here simply wouldn't be any stars left on this site.

I don't know what in the world was talked about but my wife was finally calm, I just can't thank her enough. I'm forever grateful to Theresa for making our planning process and of course the wedding day the most memorable, funnest and exciting experience ever. It's really hard to put in words how awesome Theresa is as a person, a planner, or how she interacts with vendors, or just how much passion she has for this business. All I can say is that Theresa became our family, she will be invited to our future events and she's someone who we always want to be in touch with.

Rob Tonia, 11/9/16

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upscale, luxury and a fine tuned brand

Can't believe this review is so outdated. Had my "surprise" birthday party planned by this lovely team. They are so lively and full of personality. My partner claimed our place needed new decor
Meanwhile the entire time, I was being scoped out and interrogated! I was totally wondering why there were no construction crews or large dumpsters. But after all I'm so pleased that they did such an amazing cool birthday at a great upscale place. If you want upscale, luxury and a fine tuned brand, Lily-Mae is your way!

George, Event Date: 10/09/2016

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