Our Philosophy


Whether you’re a local or destination client, our seasoned events team at Lily-Mae Events understands all that goes into planning the perfect soiree. Our job is to serve our clients and ensure their big day is executed exactly how they've envisioned. L Lily-Mae Events company was created with a desire to create seamless events with an understated elegance. Over time, our mission has remained the same, and we believe in creating a memorable experience over everything. Sit back and have a cocktail, let’s celebrate!




When passion meets purpose something magical happens. We do it because we believe in humanity; bringing people together to celebrate life, fostering hope through giving or spreading ideas worthy enough to change the world into a better place. Since our inception - we've constantly focused on our mission: to spread joy and love throughout lives by creating unparalleled celebrations internationally. Enhancing our founding resolution embodies our clients to experience a once-in-a-lifetime celebration with the people they cherish most.  





Socially conscious initiatives play a significant role in Lily-Mae Events existence. As a member of society, we must have an understanding of the forces impacting change within the world. At Lily-Mae Events, we share an undeniable commitment to philanthropy, coupled with an urgency to preserve a legacy for future generations, while at the same time creating a lasting and positive impact on the world. Lily-Mae Events regularly produces social conscience events with our clients, partners and affiliates. Contact us today and learn more about how you can get involved